AdBlue for Retailers and Dealer-networks

GreenChem has a widespread network of AdBlue retailers and dealers throughout the world, and we are always looking for new affiliates. As a GreenChem distributor you have the opportunity to provide your customer with quality AdBlue; GreenChem produces AdBlue in accordance with the strict ISO22241 quality standards. As well as AdBlue as a product, you would also gain access to the wide range of AdBlue-resistant dispensing and storage equipment and the special ‘All In’ concept we have developed.

Why sell AdBlue?

GreenChem’s AdBlue distributors and retailers say they are delighted to be selling AdBlue; it brings them additional turnover and a greater margin across multiple product groups as they attract more customers than before.

Almost every new diesel-powered vehicle uses AdBlue or will start using AdBlue in the very near future. Vehicles and machines such as: 

  • Heavy and light commercial vehicles
  • Agricultural and construction work machines
  • Passenger cars
  • Marine vessels
  • And many more diesel-powered machines.

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