AdBlue solutions for Non Road Mobile Machinery

Are you using non-road machinery with an SCR system and AdBlue?

Since 2014, Stage 4 Emission legislation for non-road vehicles requires the use of AdBlue and SCR in all new non-road diesel vehicles.  These are non-road machines such as:

  • Construction equipment such as: excavators, bulldozers, dump trucks, wheel loaders,
  • Agricultural machinery such as: tractors, combine harvesters, self-propelled forest harvesters (SPFH), and other harvest machinery.
  • Generator sets, reach stackers, forklift trucks, AGVs and many more. 

All these newly purchased machines will be using AdBlue to reduce the NOx emissions from their diesel-powered engines.

GreenChem has special non-road AdBlue-resistant equipment  and dedicated AdBlue dispensing systems that ensure easy refilling of your machine’s AdBlue tank.

We offer an all-inclusive financed AdBlue concept especially for machinery fleet owners. Watch the video on this page.

Special non-road AdBlue equipment

GreenChem offers AdBlue equipment specially designed for non-road vehicles: The Smart Mobile. 

This container was specially developed for off-road users in remote locations. Refilling on site is easy with the integrated 12/24 Volt dispensing unit. This container offers extra protection from contamination in the rough off-road environment.

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On-site dispensing systems

GreenChem has developed dedicated stand-alone AdBlue dispensing systems for easy refilling. GreenChem offers tailor-made AdBlue solutions to our customers, based on the volume of AdBlue you would use each year. The logistical concept, which includes telemetry (machine-2-machine communications), allows us to monitor your AdBlue tank level remotely, so we can deliver AdBlue on time, before you run out.

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All inclusive AdBlue concept

We feel that GreenChem can offer true value for money, as you can focus on your core business and leave all the AdBlue-related work to us. We offer our customers maintenance-free AdBlue dispensing systems: AdBlue refilling, service and maintenance all in one concept.

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