AdBlue and AUS40 for the Marine industry

In order to protect the environment and enhance air quality, exhaust emissions regulations around the world are continuously being strengthened. This applies to the marine sector as well, in which particulate matter, nitrogen oxides emissions and sulphur dioxide emissions are the main concerns. Strong efforts have been focused on the development of technology that can reduce such emissions effectively. SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology using urea solutions as the reduction agents is considered to be a key technology for abating NOx emissions in marine segment. New and stricter emissions legislation will be implemented in the marine sector and many short and deep sea vessels, as well as inland vessels will be equipped with SCR technology during the time period from 2016 to 2021.

In so-called ECAs (Emission Control Areas) the emissions legislation is already in place and will be further enforced to wider areas. If you want more information about the ECAs please follow this link.

GreenChem urea solutions

GreenChem provides ship owners with their required urea solutions for NOx emission control. We sell urea and urea water solutions such as AdBlue and AUS40 of the highest quality, compliant with ISO 18611 marine regulations and suitable for inland or short & deep sea shipping.

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AdBlue and AUS40

Would you like to know more about AdBlue and AUS40 for marine applications? Follow the link below to learn more about these urea-based NOx reduction agents.

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