Emissions legislation

Industrial Emissions Directive (IED 2010/75/EU)               

Since 6 January 2011, EU industry has operated under the Industrial Emissions Directive.

This directive is intended to control and reduce the impact of harmful emissions from large combustion plants, waste incineration and the titanium dioxide industry.

Industrial emissions legislation was recorded in seven different directives that concerned integrated pollution prevention and control (2008/1/EC), large combustion plants (2001/80/EC), waste incineration (2000/76/EC), solvent emissions (1999/13/EC) and three directives concerning waste from the titanium dioxide industry.

The Industrial Emissions Directive (Directive 2010/75/EU) is a European Union directive which commits European Union Member States to controlling and reducing the impact of industrial emissions on the environment. It elaborates on the available legislation for industry and provides a look at the future of monitoring emissions.

The directive (2010/75/EU) came into force on 6 January 2011.