What is AdBlue?

AdBlue is a liquid, clear solution which consists of demineralized water and automotive urea (32,5%). AdBlue is injected into the exhaust gasses of a diesel powered engine to reduce the emission of nitrogen oxides (NOx) in combination with SCR (Selective Catalyste Reduction) -technology. As such, AdBlue is not an additive for diesel. AdBlue, of which the technical name is AUS32, is alo know as DEF in the United States and ARLA32 in Brazil.

GreenChem is a leading manufacturer and distributor of AdBlue across Europe. Many trucks, cars, off-road equipment and Agricultural machinery, are using ISO-spec high quality AdBlue from GreenChem today. GreenChem’s brand values are: Efficient, Quality, Solutions for Youthe customer!  We always strive to be the best in what we do and offer our customer’s Operational solutions, from which they can benefit every day. Such solutions for example include the Distribution of AdBlue, a variety of Bulk Dispensing systems, Service Contracts, Flexible finance packages, Deliveries of pre-packed products such as 1,000 litre IBC’s, drums, cans, and other tailor- made solutions. GreenChem as part of AgroFert Holding also distributes Automotive Urea on a global scale. AgroFert Holding employs more than 25, 000 people in Europe and includes, amongst many other business ventures, Europe’s leading high quality UREA producing companies.

Greenchem is making progress towards a cleaner environment.  

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